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The most inspiring person is my life is my awesome coach, Carter. My coach and I were best friends.

One day, during one of the most important games of my life, Carter asked me a question, "If there was a better place to live and play soccer as a professional player, where would you like to move to?" I thought for a long time. Then I said, "I would like to move to Miami."

Carter was very surprised from my answer, and Carter said "That is where I always wanted to move to and start a new life. In fact, let's move there when summer starts."

"But how will we get there?" I asked. Carter gave me a straight answer, "Don't worry about it. I have made plans for that a long time ago."

Six months later, when summer started, Carter and I were living happy at Miami.

Dreams come true. You just need someone to help you get there.

But now, what is Carter's new dream for the next few years ...?